These are linked poems created week by week for a year, inspired by the book No Choice But To Follow, and the poets therein who did it first.

Friday, 28 November 2014

November #4

Old Lady with Cat

While my body snores
at last, on these humid nights,
he, my black-haired darling,
prowls the cool outdoors.

Mornings he's nearly always
back, sharing my bed,
accepting an embrace
before requiring breakfast.

If I wake up still alone,
by the time I open the door
he's running up the front steps
calling a greeting.

We remember the others
who were here, whom we loved,
but now they are ghosts, and this
is the end time (may it be long)

when we, being finally only two,
are all-in-all to each other.
In age we learn the true things
e.g. this is important, e.g. this is enough.

— Rosemary Nissen-Wade


  1. So well put Rosemary...especially the final two lines.

  2. Still getting the hang of this "end-time," still fighting against it. It's only when I have enforced down-time that I can let go for awhile and reach out to my Spirit Friends and angels and invite more of their Loving care. Feel it wrap around and ease me from over-doing. Your poetry and example are teaching me also dear friend.

    1. A comment like this also teaches me! Thank you. xx


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